Is a Laser Cutter Strong Enough to Cut a Hand?

Is a Laser Cutter Strong Enough to Cut a Hand?

While laser cutting is relatively safer to use compared to conventional cutting methods, the operator of the device should still practice extreme caution as the laser is powerful enough to burn skin and even cut a hand.

And while a laser is strong enough to cause harm to humans, the likelihood that an accident would occur in a laser cutting workspace is very low because these machines typically come with a safety lid that can be closed or opened at any given time. In other words, the process of cutting materials is done in a safe and controlled environment, so there’s really nothing to worry about when you’re around an operational laser cutter.

To give you a clearer idea of a laser cutting device’s cutting power, here’s an example for you:

One of the most common uses of laser cutting is to optimize the processes and production of a wide range of industries – ranging from automotive and electronics to medical and printing. The technology’s good cutting power, outstanding edge quality, and extreme precision are some of the reasons why it is widely utilised across many industries.

laser cutting

In the automobile manufacturing industry, laser cutting is frequently used to cut vehicle parts and components that are made of metal, which means that it can achieve extremely precise cuts on a tough material with ease. In other industries and applications, laser cutting is also used to work on different types of materials, including wood, plastics, ceramics, and even paper.

But unlike most conventional cutting methods, one of the disadvantages of laser cutting is that it cannot work on thicker metals. It’s cutting capability depends on the material thickness and laser power. For instance, stainless steel that is 6.4mm thick requires a heat input of 2500W, whereas aluminium with the same amount of thickness requires 10,000W.

But even with this limitation, it doesn’t mean that a laser cutting machine’s cutting power should be underestimated because it is still strong enough to cut a hand in a matter of seconds. Therefore, everyone should always respect the cutting power of a laser cutter.


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