Laser Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting: Which One Is Better?

Laser Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting: Which One Is Better?

Manufacturing and production companies are continuously looking for ways to improve the unit building processes in their respective workplaces. It totally makes sense for them to try and rely on innovative technology to ramp up their production because working smarter, not harder enables them to save up on various costs during the production process while allowing them to build units at a rapid rate – all without sacrificing quality.

That’s where innovative metal cutting methods come in. Back then, manufacturing and production companies used to rely on conventional cutting technologies, such as sawing, grinding, milling, and drilling, to meet their production needs in the factory. Don’t get me wrong, these conventional cutting methods work really well, but they aren’t as fast and efficient as advanced metal cutting technologies like laser cutting, oxy-fuel burning, and plasma cutting.

This article will compare laser cutting and plasma cutting, both of which are the two main cutting choices of manufacturing and production companies worldwide. In here, you are going to learn which one is better among the two advanced metal cutting methods that are widely used in industrial applications.

Laser Cutting Sydney

laser cutting sydney

Laser cutting is an advanced technology that uses a computer-operated, high-powered laser beam to cut through metals and other materials. Due to the fact that stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass laser cutting technology is guided by a CAD file whenever performing metalwork, it boasts an extremely high level of precision that other metal cutting methods could only dream of including rotary laser cutting.  Other than that, laser cutting is much safer in the workplace and is less likely to damage materials during production. And most importantly, brass and copper laser cutting is not only limited to working on metals due to the fact that it can cut glass, wood, plastics, and diamonds without any trouble.

Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting has been around since the 1950s and is still being widely utilised because of its advantages. Unlike laser cutting that uses computers to operate, plasma cutting relies on the combination of gas, the speed of its output, and its interaction with metal. As the gas shoots out of the nozzle at a high speed and creates a concentrated area of pressure in the metal, an electric arc called plasma forms.

Plasma has the capability to cut metals as thick as 80mm and as fast as 20 meters per minute, making it the ideal metal cutting method to use when it comes to cutting thick metals. Not only that, but plasma can also cut through any type of metal. However, the usage of the plasma cutting process is only limited to metals since it mainly relies on the interaction of gas with metal in order to work, and the method itself is dangerous and much prone to causing accidents in the workplace.

The Final Verdict

Both laser cutting and plasma cutting have their own fair share of advantages and disadvantages in industrial applications. But the advantages present in laser cutting far outweighs what plasma cutting brings to the table. Laser cutting’s high accuracy, low power usage, safety advantages, quicker turnaround rate, and versatility are just some of the areas where it gets the upper hand over plasma cutting. The only edge that plasmas have over lasers is its capability to cut through thick metals because the effectiveness of laser cutters are more suited on intricate, thinner metals.

To sum it all up – it entirely depends on the type and thickness of the materials that need to be cut. If your objective is to cut any kind of metal, then plasma cutting is suited for you. But if you need to cut through thinner metals and other materials like wood and diamonds, then the safer, more accurate, and cost-effective method of laser cutting is the best choice for you.

Laser cutting

Once you have decided which method is the best to use for your venture, you can start looking for a business that will be able to handle your needs. If you’re lucky, you will be able to find one that not only offers metal laser cutting services but also does other types of work such as sheet metal bending and mass finishing. An enterprise that provides a complete set of services in that industry is very hard to find these days, so be sure to make the most out of it if ever you do find one.

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