The Different Applications of Lasers

The Different Applications of Lasers


When talking about lasers, what’s the first thing that enters your mind? Back then, before the modern technological advances ushered in new devices, the applications of lasers were very limited, but its entire concept was widely used on movies, television shows, and even sci-fi novels.

In the movie Star Wars, both the Empire and the Rebel Alliance used anything from laser guns to laser swords as their primary weapons to fight each other. The creators of this movie were able to come up with creative ways to introduce to everyone how laser technology can be an effective tool, but that’s only in the fictional world though, and the modern applications of lasers are far from being weaponized to that degree.

In the real world, there are already a number of significant applications of laser technology, including in industries, communications, science and technology, medicine, and the military. But how do lasers work in these particular areas? You will find be finding out about some of them in this article.


Lasers have a variety of uses in industries. Manufacturing and production companies use this technology to laser cut steel, metal, copper, brass, and other materials because of the advantages that it offers to them. Laser cutters are operated using the power of computers and with the guidance of a human operator, which means that it boasts a high level of precision that minimises the risk of making wrong cuts and damaging valuable materials.

As more people involved in these industries are starting to become aware of the wonders of lasers, the demand for it increased. Because of that, laser cutting Sydney companies started to become a thing in Australia, and they provide a range of services that are useful for the needs of manufacturing companies and other businesses. In addition to providing the high-demand metal laser cutting services, they also usually handle specialised projects such as sheet metal bending, mass finishing, and rotary laser cutting.


laser and communication

In the field of communications, the application of lasers is not as hardcore and physical as its usage in industries. In here, they mainly use laser light to send information to faraway places at a much faster and efficient rate, such as in optical fiber communications. Aerospace companies also use lasers in satellites, radars and space communication because it is more reliable when it comes to transmitting huge amounts of data.


Laser technology in the field of medicine has saved countless of lives that would have been lost without it. While other medical equipment are still very useful and valuable, lasers just offer a kind of usefulness and level of efficiency that modern medical devices cannot achieve. Some of the most notable uses of lasers in medicine are the following: to destroy kidney stones, to remove tumors, for correcting eye lens curvatures, and for clean, bloodless surgery.


In the military, the usage of lasers are not as extreme as what you frequently see in movies and television shows, because they mainly just use it as an instrument to measure distance and eliminating the energy of warheads. The most devastating application of lasers in the military is when it is used to guide missiles for eliminating enemy personnel or key structural targets.

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