The Two Main Uses of a Laser Cutting Machine

The Two Main Uses of a Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting is, for the uninitiated, a technology that uses a high-powered laser beam to cut through metals, ceramics, plastics, wood, and more.

Basically, it works by directing the output of a laser beam (usually with the help of a CAD vector file) to cut or engrave materials into programmable dimensions and designs. And since the cutting in this process is done with the guidance of a CAD file, laser cutting yields extremely accurate cuts, ultra clean finishes, and precise detailing.

Laser cutting technology is widely used for industrial manufacturing applications due to the plethora of advantages it presents to production lines, but it is also utilised by hobbyists, schools, medical facilities, HVAC enterprises, and small businesses for a range of other purposes.

But how exactly do industries, businesses and individuals utilise laser cutting technology? Let us discuss its two main uses in here.

For Cutting

When it comes to working with metal, laser cutting is one of the best cutting methods out there. Not only is a laser cutting machine capable of cutting metals with high accuracy and clean finishes, but it is also capable of reducing a manufacturing company’s costs on energy bills and defective products.

Additionally, the technology in laser cutting is so advanced that it nearly has no limit to the shapes that can be cut using it. There’s even a general rule that exists saying that a laser cutting machine can cut whatever you can draw. That means that you can laser cut steel or laser cut metal into almost any shape you can think of.

But laser cutting is not entirely limited to working with metals such as aluminium laser cutting or stainless steel laser cutting, as this cutting process can also make high-quality cuts on rubber, glass, silicon, plastics, and other materials. Because of all of its prowess when it comes to cutting metals and other materials, laser cutting has become one of the most commonly used processes in packaging, automotive, metalworking, printing, electronic, and other speciality industries.

For Engraving

While a laser cutting machine’s primary use is to cut materials, this technology can also be utilised to engrave metals, textiles, plastics, rubber, wood, and so much more. Considering that laser cutting and laser engraving are two separate laser processes, it is impressive how some laser cutting devices can also be used for engraving.

Laser cutting technology can be configured to have the energy output of its laser beam reduced, making it very suitable for engraving. By manipulating its heat output, beam density, and duration, a laser cutting machine can work with different materials for engraving, with no trouble whatsoever.

Those who commonly use laser cutting for engraving are electronics industries (to mark and engrave electrical components), creative hobbyists (to create unique, beautiful art), medical companies (to mark medical items), and more.

Where to Get Laser Cutting/Engraving Services?

For an advanced piece of technology like a laser cutting machine, it totally makes sense why it has a hefty price tag. Luckily for everyone who cannot afford to buy the technology, there are a couple of laser cutting Sydney companies that provide metal laser cutting services, as well as mass finishing, sheet metal bending, and machining solutions.

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