Things You Need to Know About Industry 4.0

Things You Need to Know About Industry 4.0

Things You Need to Know About Industry 4.0

Back in the olden days, the steam machine, along with the other production tools were needed in the manufacturing business. Some were manually done as technology was still simple and not fully incorporated into any manufacturing process. Electricity was next in line and mass production came into the picture. Today, technology is very important in the manufacturing sector in society.

Manufacturers owe a lot of their success to technology. Its 2018 and most companies rely on machines and even artificial intelligence to increase their efficiency rate. Innovations in technology has provided updates to old-school processes and made the lives of workers convenient.

If you have heard about Industry 2.0 and 3.0, then the Industry 4.0 model is something new. It is actually a model in which computers and automation come together. This entails low input from human operators making machines such as robotics handle repetitive jobs. A good thing about this is that robots will take over some tasks and their human co-workers will handle analytical and higher level jobs.

Smart factory

This concept entails a seamless connection between the different processes in a manufacturing company. Advanced machines and equipment will be able to improve the planning, production and implementation phases. Manufacturing companies focused on electronics and healthcare are usually the ones that benefit from using this concept.

Having a smart factory will provide utmost technical assistance to workers. Machines will handle tasks that are difficult or unsafe for humans. Systems will be able to support humans in making smart decisions during the different phases of production.

Cyber physical systems

As with its name, this concept actually deals with integrations of networking, physical processes of production and computation. The use of networks and computers help in interpreting action and tracks result. Again, efficiency will be detected here.

Internet of Things (IoT)

If you have heard about cloud computing, then it would be easier to understand IoT. It basically means that everything is connected to the internet – computers, electronic devices and the human counterpart. It is virtual and mobile making it convenient for everyone. So it will easily network and gather data in real time, from smart factories then use the data for reports and learnings. What makes it exciting is that everything goes through the wireless web.


Workers will find it easier to complete tasks because they will be able to communicate with one another through different devices such as machines and sensors. Manufacturing partners will also be able to share information minus unwanted errors.

These may all seem hard to digest, but Industry 4.0 is actually here. Some manufacturing companies have adopted the technology to give them a head start. Though challenges such as data security issues, loss of high-paying jobs for humans and technical problems still pose a major concern to most companies. But it is normal and having a positive outlook helps in making Industry 4.0 on full implementation.

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