What Is Laser Cutting For?

What Is Laser Cutting For?

With the many technological advances in various industries, it’s only normal for us to not know everything about them. There are times that we may be ignorant about certain new technologies and devices, especially if we’re not that interested in that particular field, but that’s totally fine and acceptable.

In the industries of production and manufacturing, there’s a certain technology called laser cutting that’s being widely utilised in their respective workplaces. But what exactly is laser cutting? What is the use of it? Why is it being used by industrial companies? In this article, we are going to answer those questions and you are going to learn about the essentials of this advanced piece of technology.

What is laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a technology utilizing the power of a high-powered, computer-operated laser beam to cut a variety of materials. Usually, a CAD file is used to guide the laser cutter and help it cut with incredible precision. Due to the popularity of laser cutting technology, there are many companies that started to offer metal laser cutting services.

What is the use of laser cutting technology?

The laser beam that a laser cutter shoots out is capable of cutting through thinner, more intricate metals, as well as papers, foams, woods, and rubbers. Because of the versatility of laser cutters, they present many uses for production and manufacturing companies, technological business startups, woodworkers, hobbyists, and so much more.

Why do industrial companies use laser cutting technology?

Industrial Laser Cutting

Industrial companies that are required to cut a lot of metals and other materials often use laser cutting technology because of its safeness, high accuracy, low power consumption, and cost efficiency.

Due to it being computer-operated, laser cutters are capable of making extremely precise cuts that other cutting technologies could only dream of doing, and they are much safer to use and less prone to devastating human errors.

Apart from that, laser cutting devices have very low power consumption, allowing industrial companies to save up a lot on their monthly power costs. Lastly, laser cutting technology is more cost efficient in the long run because it is less prone to damaging valuable materials while in operation.

What are the disadvantages of laser cutting?

The most significant disadvantage of laser cutting is that it’s not able to cut through all types of metals, specifically thick metals. Other than that, its inability to cut through thick metals with ease can be a problem during production, because the time it requires to finish cutting may vary depending on the width of the metal. But if you only need to laser cut steel, brass, and other similar materials, then it’s no problem at all.

Where can I find laser cutting services here in Sydney?

This is not a problem at all if you live in Sydney, because there are a lot of laser cutting Sydney companies that provide a full range of relevant services to local clients. Once you find one of them, all of your laser cutting needs will be taken care of since they are mostly one-stop shops. Their services may range from sheet metal bending to rotary laser cutting.

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