What Is the Best / Easy to Use Digital Signage Software?

What Is the Best / Easy to Use Digital Signage Software?

Ranging from retail to corporate – the major industries in the modern world have shunned traditional signage in favour of eye-catching digital displays. Why? Because digital signage solutions offer a number of amazing benefits for organizations of any size.

Let’s take a quick glance at the benefits of digital signage.

Studies show that digital signage can help increase the overall sales volume as well as the customer engagement and conversion of an enterprise. Aside from that, it can also help streamline the day-to-day operations of businesses by allowing them to create time-sensitive ads or relay relevant information to consumers in only a few minutes. 

Furthermore, digital displays also make it possible for business owners to reduce their operating costs because using them eliminates the need to spend money on printing, print materials, and vendor order purchase costs.

Anyway, let’s go back to the subject.

Since you’re reading this article, you’ve probably already made the decision to utilise digital signage solutions for your organization – whatever it may be – and perhaps you’re looking for ideas on which software you should use for your digital displays. So, we’ve done the hard work and created a list of the best, most easy-to-use digital signage software.

Let’s get to it!


REACH’s digital signage software is an easy-to-use cloud-based display advertising platform that lets organizations effortlessly display almost any kind of information (which can be customized to fit your branding and requirements) on digital monitors in real-time. Whether you want to display sports scores, important announcements, menu boards, room schedules, upcoming events, news, or other information – REACH can help you accomplish all of your communication goals while creating an engaging and informative experience for your target audience, whoever they may be.

The digital signage software boasts a number of features that include an easy-to-use dashboard, layout editor, player, calendar tool, data list, video walls, and much more! It also supports multiple display options such as vertical-screen announcements, full-screen announcements, and portrait or landscape displays. If you want to control your entire network efficiently in a single platform and, at the same time, want to gain access to tons of cool features, then you should use REACH’s digital signage software. The software can be purchased at an affordable price, with several video tutorials and training being offered at no additional cost. 

2. Yodeck

Yodeck is a highly rated cloud-based digital signage platform that lets small organizations to large enterprises design, schedule and manage their digital monitors remotely from the web (via smartphone, tablet or computer). It is considered one of the best digital signage software because of its plethora of features that makes it easy for organizations to manipulate their monitors and display almost any kind of content – from images and videos to PDF and Excel files. 

The software’s key features include content scheduling, content adaptation, custom widgets, playlist management, layout management, SSL security, media RSS, and media library, among others. It also comes with a drag-and-drop editing tool that enables users to effortlessly create and manage one or more displays. Here’s the best part: Yodeck can be used for free forever for a single registered monitor! So the only time you’ll need to spend some money is when you’re looking to use the software on multiple digital displays.

3.  truDigital

Another cloud-based digital signage solution in this list, truDigital is the perfect platform for small to large enterprises that are looking to improve the way they communicate with their audience. It enables users to easily and quickly upload various types of files (including images and videos) and display them on one or multiple screens, making it ideal for every industry – whether it’s education, retail, corporate, or manufacturing. Through the centralized dashboard, users can also manage multiple screens, organize content, and manage files. 

Perhaps the best thing about truDigital is its collection of more than 100 powerful apps that include everything from social media to live news. These apps are designed to keep your audience informed and entertained. The platform also boasts other features such as playlist management, file management, Slipstream™, photo editing, file import/export, and proof of play. For the uninitiated, proof of play is a type of report that tracks ads and other content to monitor how they are actually played, giving users the ability to identify which specific content their audiences respond to more.

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